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More industrial action by the Fire Brigade Union

Members of the Fire Brigade Union (England and Wales) are intending to take their next industrial action strike from 6pm on Friday 31st October to 6pm on Tuesday 4th November.

As a consequence, it may well be that fire and rescue services take longer to arrive at the scene of an incident, and the resources they are able to deploy may be severely curtailed. 

Thankfully it's not like people will be using fireworks or having bonfires this weekend, oh wait....

Priority will be given to incidents where lives are at risk, which means that they may not be able to respond to incidents where only property damage is likely.

As well as taking care to avoid accidental fires, we recommend businesses take the opportunity to:

  • Review fire risk assessments and emergency plans – make sure they are up to date
  • Make sure fire detection systems are working effectively and that everyone understands what they need to do should it activate
  • Practice emergency evacuation drills to ensure staff and visitors can escape quickly and easily
  • Review any hot works or confined space entry during this period as response in the event of an incident may be limited
  • Reduce fire hazards – keep sources of ignition well away from flammable materials or substances
  • Reduce the risk of arson – reduce or remove the build-up of rubbish
  • Keep escape routes free from obstacles and check signage and emergency lighting
  • Keep fire doors shut – they should always be shut anyway

As always, the top tip in the event of a fire remains
‘Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999’
– you will get an emergency response

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